Astrakhan State Medical Academy

Astrakhan State Medical Academy

ASMA is one of the oldest medical institutions in Russia. It’s been more than 90 years since ASMA came into inception. During the years of its existence the ASMA has trained more than 23000 physicians. The Academys research efforts are focused on the problems of mother-and-child health, oncology, gastroenterology, infectious pathology, medical ecology as well as morphofunctional organization of the living system in normal, pathological and individual development. Every year Academy publishes about 1000 research papers in different central and regional issues, takes part in scientific conferences, symposia and congresses. ASMA has a good experience in the preparation of the foreign students. In the last two decades around 2500 students from more than 50 countries graduated from the Academy. At present many students from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America study at the Faculty of Foreign Students.

Courses in English Medium: Medicine.
School fee is approximately $4,350 per year (Please contact us for the current fee).
Accommodation is approximately $450 per year.

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